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Great work Aaron you help inspire me to get my cartoon series done as well. I'm proud of your work.

Looked fantastic. I'm sorry guys but i'll keep working on mine. Doesn't seem like i can get anything done in time but ill post and or send it too once it's done or so.

Just glad to see you have your own different style. I’m Getting sick and tired of that adventure time style with those simple drawn hands all the time lol. Keep up your nice series

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Very smooth looking game great programming Nice and challenging as well. I enjoy the colors and the character I can't wait to get more medals.

Oh my goodness yes thank you so much this has got to be the best information I've seen for making a sprite animation I've always wanted to do one and now is my chance with your beautiful tutorial and my awesome animations skills we can conquer the world. Or just make it really cool flash lol. But thank you so much for making this this is great especially for us visual artists ;)

This game is great I enjoy it so much thank you for a real good one and the controls are good work perfectly. I'm pretty good at this one too. Especially when I'm using my Wacom tablet.

SilenGames responds:

Many thanks!

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I knew it all along.. that is all. ;)

Ok why is this so kool? Well it does say metal on the title that pretty much awensers my question. But this was sprinkled with lots of Epic or more like smashed with it. Nicely done.

Oh snap Cocka doodle whaaaaaaaats going on here. Super fun. Nicley done.

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Well at least somebody drew it. This moment was bound to happen especially from here NGs lol.

This is awesome.

Its to bad this isn't like Deviantart.com saving as much of your favorite art works together. Cause here iv'e allready reached my limit of 750 favorites and i wanted to add this one to but it just won't let meh... :)

Thats so cool.

Like the details and all. But i was wondering did you draw this in Photoshop?

Hi👋🏼 I'm here to serve you all kinds of Animaton/Comedy Entertainment, farts & giggles for you to slap in yer face. I hope you enjoy the place! Look with your eyes, Touch with your butt. PS:💚Luv’s to all my 75 Fans out there Thank u!

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